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About Us

Our vision is to help organizations as well as individuals have the maximum level of satisfaction relating to all aspects of research, data analysis and report write-ups; database and website development; business contact information services; and academic research.

Our mission is to provide expert and excellent research, data analysis and report write-ups; database and website development including the training of the youth to become expert developers; business contact information services; and academic research coaching for organizations and individuals.

Information Consult started as two consultancies; Research Consult (in 2007) and Database Consult (in 2008) all with separate websites but coordinated by the Founder and Coordinator of Information Consult.

Research Consult had its services as expert research design, questionnaire design, research coordinating (desk or field) all for companies, NGOS etc, training research assistants for data collection & entry, and research methods & management info systems tutorials. It also offered special student services which included expert coaching in proposal writing, questionnaire design, SPSS data analysis, project report write-ups, and report formatting.

Services of Database Consult were mainly database and website development, with a special program to train the youth in website designing on Yola platform. 

The two consultancies were incorporated in 2009 by the Registrar Generals Department as Information Consult; thus service provision has not changed but rather improved. 

Why Us
When it comes to research for vital information, you should always count on us because we enjoy the work we do and we approach it meticulously with passion; we love to read, do research, are the "people person" and logical thinkers. Furthermore, we are very organized, disciplined, self-confident, computer geniuses and with a "never say never attitude."

Regarding database and website development, we are IT geniuses, with a sound database/website  development and information security background; we are perfectionists so excellence is our hallmark!

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