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Abstract: Health Issues Reported by Two Prominent Local Newspapers

Posted by Information Consult on Friday, January 1, 2010, In : Health 
By Asante, R.K.O; Hammond, E.K.; Manu, A and Soyiri, I.N.

The print media often claim to play a vital role of informing and educating the public about health issues.

Purpose of the study
This research was a preliminary one to explore health news reporting. It was to find out what exactly the local print media report on and the magnitude of reportage. The objective was to reveal whether some issues are given more attention than others and if this was the case, then a qualitative ...

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Anxiety, Phobia and Stress

Posted by Information Consult on Friday, January 1, 2010, In : Health 
By E. K. Hammond (Published in SPH Digest, University of Ghana, Legon)

Those who have been tense before a public speaking or an interview have an idea of what anxiety feels like. Tension of this sort is characterised by increased heart beat, rapid breathing, sweating and fear. When this is intense, severe, or disruptive to one’s daily life, it becomes an anxiety disorder. A common type of this is phobic disorder, or simply put, phobia. Others are generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder,...

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