Information Consult


Research & Related Services

Research Design & Coordination

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Social needs assessments
  • Training and orientation for field research assistants (interviewers)

Measuring Instrument (Questionnaire) Design

  • Normal paper questionnaire
  • Web based questionnaire/template for online surveys

Information Gathering & Collating
  • On products and services
  • On business activities
  • On business registration formalities for investors, expatriates etc

Data Analysis & Interpretation

  • Quantitative, using SPSS, STATA and Stat Pac
  • Qualitative methods

Report Writing

  • Research report writing
  • General report writing

Information Systems (Databases & Websites)

Database Development

  • Hotel management software
  • Academic management software
  • Stores management software
  • Related software

Website Development
  • Business (small and medium scale)
  • Personal and publication websites

Business Development & Contact Info Services

Business Development Services
  • Business ideas formulation
  • Business plans
Business Contact Information Services
  • Design of paper and electronic brochures, flyers, business cards etc
  • Internet advertising and marketing

Academic & Research Consultancy Services

Teaching Services
  • All Psychology courses
  • Research Methods and Analysis of Data
  • Management Information Systems
  • Web Designing

We also offer special student services which include expert coaching in, and assistance with:
  • Proposal writing [coaching]
  • Questionnaire design [coaching]
  • SPSS data analysis [coaching and assistance]
  • Project report write-ups [coaching]
  • Report formatting [coaching and assistance]

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